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👋 Welcome!

I'm Chris - a Wall Street trader turned doctor in the making. Welcome!

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Get actionable, no bullsh!t lessons about decision making. I teach everything I've learnt on Wall Street as a quant to help you make better investing and trading decisions. You'll find no get-rich-quick schemes here - they are all fake snake oil.

  • Walked away from millions as a trader to pursue (1) medicine, and (2) freedom
  • Ex-quantitative trader at a top proprietary trading firm on Wall Street
  • Data scientist with over five years of commercial experience

I have taken the opportunity of being an unemployed medical student to pursue my personal goal of freedom as an indie hacker. I will document how earning a living through side projects (like this one) is going. While I am passionate about many things, not starving is certainly one of them.

If you love the art of decision making, this blog is for you.

Current Projects

  1. 👨‍⚕️  Medical student studying in Australia. I hope to make an impact in the world by intertwining deep learning with medicine.
  2. ✉️  Writing my weekly newsletter - Investing Lessons. Every Sunday, I will teach you something I learnt on Wall Street, along with updates on how self-employment is going. You can subscribe to the newsletter via the the sidebar.
  3. 💰  Private investor with a focus on disruptive innovation.
  4. 💭  Freelance Data Scientist - clients include publicly listed fintech, media, and medical imaging companies.
  5. 🖥️  Improving my deep learning skills - for those curious, I recommend

Other Notes

  1. Finished a mathematics degree in conjunction on a co-op program. I majored in statistics and actuarial science, with a minor in pure mathematics - I have also passed the actuarial examinations necessary to call myself an 'actuary'.
  2. I primarily traded cryptocurrency derivatives during my time in quantitative finance. My preference is to run Delta-1 strategies. I worked at one of the largest option market makers in the world.
  3. I played an ungodly amount of Runescape in my childhood, racking up over 200 days of gameplay. I pretty much learnt the basis of everything investing related through it - infact I mentioned this in my quant interviews.
  4. I would love to intern at NASA or SpaceX - if anyone knows how to make this happen for an Australian citizen, please hit me up!
  5. I am an amateur poker player that learned how to play from former WSOP bracelet winners (World Series of Poker).
  6. I love mangos, wagyu, red wine and green tea.

Contact Me

  1. 🕊️ Twitter - For any quick questions, please shoot me a message or tweet @christopherjgan and I will reply when I can.
  2. 🤯 Zoom - I enjoy meeting new people. If you want to have further discussion about what I've written, are doing interesting work, or are interested in mentorship in data science or quant finance (limited slots) - feel free to book a zoom call with me here.